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About me

Who am I? How I got started with the Computer?

I started in 4th grade when I got my own (not so good) computer with Debian 6. This introduced me to the Linux ecosystem. After that computer, I made a trade for a new one, which I kept until the beginning of high school. This computer was equipped with an "Intel Pentium dual core" and an "Nvidia gtx 420". I learned Python and web development on it. My current computer has an "Intel i5 11gen" with an "AMD Radeon rx 6600".

What I can do?

I have experience with most of the most well known programming languages such as Python, Lua, C, JavaScript and TypeScript. My preferred language is TypeScript.

What am I learning now?

Quite a lot of stuff actually. :)

But my primary focus now it Flutter/Dart and Blender